b'2 ndQuarter Promos 2018The hardest, sharpest,Signature stainless steel longest lasting scalersscalers, long lasting and in the world.period. economical.four + one (mix & match, lowest price item free)COMPOSITERESTORATIONTitanium-nitride coated tips guaranteed to resist sticking and pull-back.three + one (mix & match, lowest price item free)610 Bonnie LaneElk Grove Village, IL 60007Tel: 847-437-4780Fax: 847-437-4786Toll Free: 800-966-7336customerservice@nordent.comwww.nordent.comAll promotions are valid within the noted quarter. Requests for free goods must be received within thirty days of invoice. To receive free goods: please send copy of your dealer invoice, with free selections listed, to the address above'