b'PDT The Pineyro Arch Kit PatentPendingThe first set of instruments specifically designed for the implant debridement of full-fixed and full-removable implant restorations.Pineyro Arch Ti 1 Pineyro Arch Ti 2Anterior Arch - to debride the anterior placed implants forPosterior Arch - to debride the posterior placed implants for a Full-a Full-Fixed Hybrid, especially lingual area of lower anteriorFixed Hybrid, the design of the shank allows for proper accessteeth, where calculus builds up most frequentlyPineyro Arch Ti 3 Pineyro Arch Ti 4Mesial/ Distal Arch - to debride the posterior hard to reachSpecialty Arch - or all implants prior to taking impressions mesial/ distal areas on the implants for a Full-Fixed Hybrid -clean off abutments for single to hybrid cases prior to cementationAllows for the treatment of full-fixed hybrid patientswithout needing to remove the prosthesis.www.pdtdental.com/pineyro'