b'quarter specials CONTACTS EXT|221 Customer Service |1-800-827-4638Hortencia Hernandez Paloma riedelEXT|220 Kayla zayasEXT|2432019|second Quarter|shofu dental corporationSales ManagersDan Christensen|Hawaii925-209-5618 Michael Gainsburg|Latin America813-731-9928Buy 3 -12 packs of dura-white stones Christine Nguyen|S- CA, S- NV951-545-6861 Lenny Sulkis | Brooklyn, Long Island,or dura-green stones Queens, Staten Island508-397-4491get 1 beautifil II LS a2 syringe (Y2271) United Statesat no chargeSantiago Ayala|S- FL, PUERTO RICO305-582-8797 Kevin Bourland|IN, MI, N- OH734-883-3953 Bob Coleman|DE, S- NJ, E- PA 717-503-3281 DON COPELAND|N- CA415-699-1519 Scan QR Code Scan QR Code Patrick DeLaura|AZ, S- CA949-842-0872 For the complete For the complete John Doran|CO, KS, MO, MT, NE, UT, WY719-481-9577 LIST Of DURA- LIST Of DURA-WHITE STONESgreen STONESBob Garnica|IA, IL, WI630-967-8087 Renee Gold|CT, Bronx,MANHATTAN, Westchester914-522-1096 Buy 8 beautifil Flow Plus X SyringesBuy 3 onegloss ps kits JUAN GRANDE|NC919-741-2600 Damon Grant|W. TX, NM704-737-8434 get 2 Super-Snap X-Treme Kits (0175, 0176, 0177, 0178) Kayce Hollingsworth|E. TX, OK,(0506, o507)get 5 beautifil II pink (gingiva) LA, AR214-636-0381 at No Chargesyringes(y2256, y2257, y2258, y2259, y2260) Lisa Hull|AL, GA, E- TN404-984-9886 Heather Irwin|E- KY, S- OH, W- PA, WV412-400-4621 *Not available in canada at no chargeDina Kammin|N- NJ201-446-2054*mix and match shades.Norma luna |S- CA562-419-0463 Not available in canada Le Ann Macdonald |N- FL321-624-6483 Carrie Maggard|N- CA, NV, OR 916-606-2027Doug Murphy|MN, ND, SD612-327-0515 Bill Turner|SC704-608-1894 Kathryn Wearne|AK, ID, WA425-422-1708 Ricardo Youngblood|MD, VA410-952-9097 Dark Pink Light Pink Orange Brown Violet Rich Zall|MA, ME, NH RI, VT, W-NY781-244-2781 CanadaSarah Bermel604-339-5017 David Goldshaw 647-298-7429 Billy ho647-961-8826 Scan QR CodeFor the completeLISTof beautifil flow plus xBuy 1 super-snap rainbow technique kit(0500)get 1 beautifil II LS a2 syringe (Y2271)at no charge For complete ordering information, contact your authorized Shofu Dealer. Fax this page with a copy of your invoice to 760.736.3276 or mail to: Shofu Dental Corporation 1225 Stone Drive, San Marcos, CA 92078-4059 Make sure that the dealer invoice clearly shows your name, address, phone number and products purchased. Incomplete or illegible invoices will not be honored.SN01-0319 Free products will be shipped to you directly from Shofu Dental Corporation. CANADA: Free products will be shipped to youdirectly from your Shofu Canadian Dealer. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Offer cannot be combined with any other Shofu special. Shofu reserves the right to discontinue or change this offer at any time.'