b'CURING LIGHT Low-profile head design for easy access in all areas of the oral cavity. High quality LEDs provide intense light that will last. Removable lens for easy replacement Tacking Lens and additional standard lens comes with the light.Our new curing light is just one more example of the quality design andClear curing lens (left) and Tacking lens (right).workmanship that weve been known for in the 70 years Parkell has been in business.This sleek, new light features a low-pro le head, so reaching into the posterior region of the mouth or sliding it into the buccal vestibule is a breeze. The curing light also allows 3 modes of curing; 3- second tacking, 10-second cure and a 20-second cure. In addition, the light has two user-selectable intensity settings. Choose either 1,000mW/cm 2(ideal for gelling cements or curing sealants) or 2,000mW/cm 2(for curing darker shaded composites, and standard curing).The nanometer range for Parkells Curing Light is 420nm to 480nm, the necessary ranges for todays modern dental materials. The light also features an e\x1e ective beam spot diameter of 10.7mm.SKU # ProductD553 NEW Parkell Curing LightIncludes Curing Light, Charging Base, power cable, tacking lens and extra standard lens.D557 NEW Parkell Curing Light Clear Plastic LensIncludes (5) lenses.D558 NEW Parkell Curing Light Tacking LensIncludes (2) Tacking lenses.D556 NEW Parkell Curing Light Charging StandD554 NEW Parkell Curing Light Power TransformerParkell.com1-800-243-7446 In-house studies - total etch technique.'